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3M Night Vision Series is a premium metalized polyester film. It has a slight “brown” color hue or undertone which does maintain a natural appearance when looking out your windows. Even though it is a metalized film, it still has low reflectivity so your windows do not look like mirrors from the outside looking in. One exception to that would be the Night Vision 15 which is a very dark and rather shiny film. Many of these types of films have a “blue” undertone which I do not like. The “blue” undertone also makes the low-angle haze more noticeable. Night Vision’s “brown” undertone or hue looks natural and the low-angle haze is very minimal. Often times, metalized polyester films will reflect light on the inside surface of the window from interior lighting or white woodworking. This is frustrating because you have a lot of glare from interior lighting when you’re trying to look out of your windows. 3M’s Night Vision films do not cause any more reflectivity from interior lighting.

The Night Vision series also has great performance. They will filter out 99.9% UV Light. Not all window films will filter out this much so this is one reason I like 3M. 3M Night Vision 25 and 15 are good films for privacy because they are darker, especially the NV 15. 3M’s Night Vision window film will outperform other metalized polyester films and also has the added peace of mind knowing that 3M makes good products! Click on the link below for even more info or give me a call with your specific needs and questions.  Joseph – 360.566.5544

Night Vision Series – Tinted residential window film for homes – Night Vision – 3M US.