Residential Window Tinting

Why tint the windows in your house? Here is a list of common problems:


HEAT – “My house is too hot!” Solar Heat Gain build up is too much for your HVAC system. Window film reduces excessive heat gain, maintains comfort and extends the lifespan and efficiency of your HVAC system. Many of our films are Energy Star partners. They reduce the energy used by your HVAC system and end up saving you money in the long run.




GLARE – “After about 1:00 pm, I can’t even come in this room because it’s so bright!” or “I can’t see my television screen at certain points of the day!” Window film can greatly reduce or eliminate uncomfortable glare and eye strain.






FADING – “I didn’t realize how much damage the sun was causing to my flooring!” Sadly, this one often goes unnoticed. Only after furniture and décor is significantly faded, do you realize the damage that’s been done. Window film stops 99% UV and as much heat and natural light as you would like to eliminate. Heat (infra-red), natural and UV light all contribute to fading.

PRIVACY – “Anyone walking by my house can see right inside!” From the bathtub with the picture window, to the large arched window over the front door that gives everyone visible access to the upstairs bedroom, window film offers as much privacy as needed. Keep in mind, window film solves daytime privacy concerns but night time privacy is another issue.


SAFETY & SECURITY – “Someone can break my back patio door and be in-and-out of here in less than 2 minutes!” Window film makes glass extremely difficult to break. Even if your glass is tempered I can ‘anchor’ the film to the glass and framing system to make it nearly impossible to break your window and enter your home.


DECORATION – “I want a frosted window or some other design. What would you recommend?” Decorative window films abound! Whatever your desired look, there’s a film that will suite your taste.

Window film can solve all of these problems and more! Feel free to search my ‘Residential Films’ blog entries for specific issues pertinent to your situation.

We offer a variety of films, as well as film manufacturers to work within your particular budget. With your specific needs in mind, please call for a free consultation.

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