VKOOL Clear Window Coating

As an installer who sees the finished product on a daily basis, the clarity of this film is amazing. When you look out a window that has been tinted with VKOOL window film the true colors of nature are not cast with a particular hue. Other films will have a slight undertone of green, blue, or brown. This hue often goes unnoticed but since I get to compare VKOOL with all the other films on a regular basis, I can honestly say that the natural colors that I see outside are not changed. In fact the view out of your windows is only enhanced and some even say it makes your windows look “High-Def”. Huper Optik Smart Films have the same effect. Looking from the outside into your home or office, it is very difficult to tell that the glass has anything on it at all. There is also no “haze”. Many tinted films will give your windows a subtle “haze”. This is not an issue with VKOOL. Haze comes from inferior polyester and is usually noticed at a certain angle or time of day. It is also referred to as “low-angle haze”. VKOOL Clear Window Coating is manufactured by Southwall Technologies (they also make Huper Optik Smart Film). VKOOL film makes three passes through the film making equipment which gives the film greater clarity and performance. This means it takes longer to produce the finished product and gives the film greater clarity and performance. It is also embedded through the sputtering process with silver and gold particles. Other films are embedded with less expensive materials such as aluminum and titanium oxide. VKOOL has maximum heat reduction as well as maximum light transmission. This film needs to be edge-sealed, meaning that after the application the edges of the film need to be sealed with a sealant so that the precious metals do not corrode.