Solar Gard Armorcoat

Armorcoat is Solar Gard’s safety and security window film. They have a full line up of clear, neutral and silver security films from 2-14MIL’s thick. As an installer, it is really nice to handle and apply. Armorcoat’s market presence gives customers –as well as business owners!- confidence that Solar Gard Armorcoat is a time tested product that will not only perform, but last.

Solar Gard Armorcoat also makes a good exterior window film, the Sentinal  Outside Weatherable Series. Some interior window applications are impossible because of inaccessibility, or perhaps the window may not be in good enough condition to safely apply film on the inside surface. If window film is applied to the outside surface of the glass, the sun’s energy is reflected without traveling through the glass and radiating back out; This makes an exterior application safer. For most windows it is perfectly fine to apply window film on the interior surface of the glass, but others it is better to do an exterior application. In these instances, an exterior mount films offer an alternative to saying, ‘Sorry, there’s nothing we can do!’ Solar Gard’s sentinel series comes in a variety of tints and again, from an installer’s perspective, is great to work with and apply.